This website offers you different version of OS for free. Apple inc developed Mac OS. The second most widely used desktop opaerating system is
Mac OS after Microsoft windows. It was released in march 2001. Mac OS is the operating system for personal computer and work stations of Apple. The power of every Mac
is Mac OS. It was built with the idea of privacy and security. They build data security into everything so that we have complete control of everything and we can trust
their products with our most personal information. Safari prevent data comoanies to track which sites you visit. They design Mac with advanced technologies to help you
run your apps savely. It makes safer to install and download apps from internet and Mac App store.
A wide range of versions of Mac Os are available, Catalina is the latest version for mac OS.
Mac OS comes with beautifully designed apps that works on your iphone and other Apple devices. Mac have collection of powerful apps that work with iclouds.No other
computer can work like your Mac works with your other Apple devices. If u get call on iphone, you can also receive it on your Mac. You can unlock your Mac with your
apple watch.