Multimedia as name represents is a combination of different Medias like Audio, Video, Text, Animation, Images and all other sort of Media. Before Multimedia only media was used that only consist of text that make visualization of anything s outdates. Now a days we shorten the whole text and describe the story through images, short videos, animations and audio. Companies are using Multimedia technology to convey their message in a better and visualize way. There are different tools available for this purpose we can simply install them and create whatever story we want to create. These Multimedia software are available free of cost in this website.
Adobe Flash:
This tool is used to create interactive stories mainly on web. It is used for different purposes like for creating animation files, for designing mobile applications, web-based games, applications with rich internet, mobile games design and desktop application design. It give files in FLA format, movies are in SWT format and Audio is in MP3 format.
VLC Media Player:
It is the most versatile and stable multimedia player that is used to play medias like videos, audios and animation.
It is an online store for iPhone that is used to manage content. You can get audio of your choice directly from there.